Superior Concrete Restorations


Superior Concrete Restorations has been in business in Bend, Oregon since 2008.  It was started by our friend, Jason Perkins.  Jason worked as a "One man shop" for several years repairing and resurfacing people's concrete in Central Oregon until 2017, at which time he decided to move his family to North Carolina to be closer to extended family.  In the spring of 2018, we began the process of purchasing Superior Concrete Restorations from Jason and have now been running and growing the business for a couple of years.  We remain in regular contact with Jason as he is doing the same thing, now in North Carolina and is a great resource of expertise in this industry. 

Now let me introduce ourselves. We are Duane and Kelly Emry, a husband and wife team. We both work on most aspects of the business. Two of our kids are also involved. We are both veterans and Duane is a disabled veteran. We are proud to be a family and veteran owned business. We moved to Central Oregon from the valley in 2018 after serving for 15 years in Christian ministry, Duane as a Pastor. We have always had a desire to do something entrepreneurial and we thought we were getting old enough that "If we didn't do it now, we probably wouldn't". So we went for it. We have 3 kids, our oldest is 23, married, and has blessed us with one grandchild, with a second on the way. Our other two kids are teenagers in High School. No offense intended, but we love them more than we love concrete work, so if we cut out at 4 some Thursday in September it's not because we don't want to finish your job. It's because we're gonna watch our son play soccer. In reality, we've never had a delay in finishing a job so we could spend time with our kids, but, just so you know, we won't hesitate to do that if there's a conflict. If you like concrete more than family, you might not want to hire us. That being said, we also have very high standards for the quality of our work, our presence on your property, and the aesthetic outcome of the job. We are detail people with detailed standards and you can expect us to put as much focus, energy, and quality into your project as we would if it was our own home. I would like to add that we are extremely grateful for your business.

As far as our experience with contractor type work, we have been buying, remodeling, and selling houses for 20 years. Many of them we've lived in (our kids are not fans of this strategy anymore), but some we've just flipped. Our last house in the valley we bought bare land and did everything from installing the improvements and utilities on the land to, building the house, to putting on the roofing. We have many years of experience in all sorts of construction, excavation, concrete, etc... This business was a natural fit for us. Duane is now a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor registered with the CCB in Oregon. CCB#181605.