Concrete in Central Oregon is put through a freeze-thaw cycle every year that can do significant damage. If the damage is bad enough you may need to resurface your concrete. Resurfacing is a process of preparing the surface, which can include various crack repair methods (see Repair section) and then applying our proprietary blend cement based product that is designed to bond to the existing surface. This product is applied at about 3/16" at a minimum and up to whatever thickness is required to fill the damaged surface. We apply it two different ways to offer two different textures. In most cases we leave it up to the customer to decide which texture they would prefer, but occasionally there are applications where one texture is better suited. After the resurfacing product is applied we Color Seal the new surface to protect it to create a beautiful decorative concrete look.

Textures - We offer two texture options. Tuscan Slate is applied by hand using a trowel. As seen in the picture it shows some of the trowel marks giving it a light stucco-like appearance. It is fairly smooth and, once Color Sealed, resembles a light stamped concrete. Fleckstone is applied through a hopper gun and offers a rougher surface with better traction. It resembles a Roughcut stone or Lava Rock appearence. Click here to see our Texture/Color Library.

resurface cement back patio bend oregon
resurface cement back patio redmond, oregon