How is your company dealing with Corona Virus?

Because we are a very small family business (just husband, wife, and children)  we have very limited exposures and we run a tight ship at home regarding germs, gatherings, etc. Thankfully our work is done on the exterior of your homes in the fresh air and the Central Oregon sunshine, which as you know, is one of the best places to be. We plan to limit our contact with each of you to "as needed" and will be conscious of the social distancing procedures. Besides the missing handshakes and perhaps more limited conversations, our work will proceed as usual. As days pass, if you become aware of any special needs or requests you may have concerning the virus, please know as we are happy to make accommodations.

How often do I need to seal my concrete?

It is recommended that all concrete is sealed every 2-4 years depending on wear and weather conditions. 

If I resurface my concrete does it include a seal?

Yes.  It actually includes two.  A resurfaced slab will have a color seal applied followed by a clear seal, usually with pigments to give it a varigated antique effect.

How do I care for my newly resurfaced or resealed concrete?

Learn more with this link to see our 'Proper Care and Maintenance' instructions.

How do I know when I need to seal my concrete?

We will be updating our website this month to include a place to view our sample color tiles along with pictures of these applications on local homes. Our normal practice is to bring our sample tiles for you to see in person the first day that we begin work at your home. We will still do this with social distancing in mind, but you will now also have a chance to consider colors and textures (for those resurfacing) before we arrive, which may help streamline the process. There will be an updated FAQ section and a link to a Proper Care and Maintenance page that will also help you prepare for our arrival and answer many common questions about the process. Remember these website updates won't be complete until April.

How do I know if I need a Resurface, Color Seal or a Clear Seal?

If your driveway is pitted or crumbling (in the industry this is called 'spalling') you probably need a resurface.  If it's not extensive and very shallow a Color Seal may be an option.  Color Sealing is generally used to protect concrete but is also for those who want a decorative concrete look as well.  A Clear Seal is just to protect the concrete. We are happy to help you evaluate your surface during an estimate. 

How much does it cost?

We have a spreadsheet that does all the calculations.  But there are many inputs into those calculations because every job is different.  From the extent of the damage, to the number of cracks, to the width and depth of those cracks to the accessibility of the job site, to the distance we have to travel to get there.  All these play into the equation.  To give you a rough ballpark you can measure your square footage and multiply by these amounts.  Resurface - $4.50 per square foot.  Color Seal - $2.50 per square foot.  Clear Seal - $1.00 per square foot.  Crack repair, edge repair, and deep damage add the most additional charges.  Other costs include trip charges, accessibility issues, custom colors, specialty repairs, etc...  The best thing to do is contact us and we can do an estimate for you.  The only reason an estimate would not be free of charge is if you are outside of the Bend, Redmond, Sisters area.  If you're patient Prineville is usually free of charge as well. Please text, email or call to inquire.

How should I prepare for the work to be done?

Please cut back any landscaping that may be touching the work surface. If you are unable to do this, we charge $150  to do landscaping upon arrival. You will want to remove any personal items (furniture, planters, toys, anything you want to keep, piles of wood or debris, etc...) from the surfaces we will be working on (if you have items that are difficult for you to move yourself please let us know as we are happy to help. Although we will do our very best please keep in mind we are not responsible for any damage to such items)   You do NOT need to clean the surface.  We will be pressure washing it with very high pressure .You do need to move your items far enough away from the surface that the overspray from our cleaning process will not get on your items.  Lots of dirt and debris will come off your surface and some of it will fly 10-15 feet.  Please make sure your items are not right next to the surface to prevent them from getting dirty and possibly dinged up with pieces of concrete.  We will need daily access to a water source and power.

How long does it take?

The process takes several days depending on what we're doing. Resurfacing takes 4-5 days and if weather interrupts the process we still need that many good weather days to complete the job. Color sealing takes 3-4 good weather days. Clear sealing takes 2-3 good weather days, Ghost Shield takes 1-2 days. Once we complete your job you need to wait 24 hours for light foot traffic and 72 hours for vehicle traffic. Please plan accordingly how you will access your home and vehicles during this time. If your location is commercial you will be responsible for rerouting your customers around our work area.  The reason it takes so long is that this process is done in stages and products need to cure before the next product can be applied.  So day 1 of a resurface is cleaning.  Day 2 is repair and skim coat.  Day 3 is texture coat.  Day 4 is a color seal.  Day 5 is a clear/antique coat.  Sometimes if weather is very good allowing for accelerated dry and cure times and our crew finishes another job early they may come back and do two of these on the same day, but don't plan for that.