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How often do I need to seal my concrete?

It is recommended that all concrete is sealed every 2-4 years depending on weather and wear. 

If I resurface my concrete does it include a seal?

Yes.  It actually includes two. a resurfaced slab will have a Color Seal applied which is a 2 layer sealing process. 

How do I care for my newly resurfaced or resealed concrete?

How do I know when I need to seal my concrete?

You can perform a simple water test by pouring water on the surface and seeing if the concrete darkens or absorbs the water. If it does it is likely time to reseal.

How do I know if I need a Resurface, Color Seal or a Clear Seal?

If your driveway is pitted or crumbling (in the industry this is called 'spalling') you probably need a resurface.  If it's not extensive and very shallow a Color Seal may be an option.  Color Sealing is generally used to protect concrete but is also for those who want a decorative concrete look as well.  A Clear Seal is to waterproof and protect your surface. We are happy to help you evaluate your surface, please call us for a free evaluation and estimate.

How much does it cost?

Every job is different, from the extent.....all these can play into the equation however we generally charge by the sqft and linear ft as follows to help you get a ballpark of cost for services. To give you a rough ballpark you can measure your square footage and multiply by these amounts. Resurface - $5 per square foot.  Color Seal - $3 per square foot.  Clear Seal - $1.50 per square foot.  Tint Seal - $1.75 per square foot. Crack Repair $3-15 per linear ft depending on the repair and product.  We do have trip charges for areas outside of Bend and Redmond.  We happily offer discounts to returning customers, and neighborhood discounts of 5% if you and a neighbor have work done on the same week as we like to pass our travel savings on to you. The best way to know your options and the cost is to call for a free estimate.  If you live in LaPine, Prineville, and north beyond Terrebonne we offer free over-the-phone estimates via pictures and measurements taken by you.  

How should I prepare for the work to be done?

We will send reminders and informational emails a week before our arrival that will explain things in detail however a simple preparation checklist is 


-Be home or have a plan to select colors

-Sprinklers turned off

-Vehicles out of garage or driveway and far enough away from project

-Landscaping trimmed back off work areas

-Personal items removed from work areas

-Access available to power and water 

How long does it take?

We schedule for work to be done over a Monday to Friday time frame.  Depending on what work your project entails, the approx days are as follows

Resurfacing- 4-5 days
Color Sealing 3-4 days
Clear and Tint Sealing 2-3 days
Crack Repair varies

Good weather can sometimes decrease the amount of time in between applications and curing and unfortunately, bad weather can sometimes increase it so we suggest planning for the full week. 

Once the final topcoat application is applied, you will need to wait 24hrs for light foot traffic and 72 hrs for vehicles and any furniture or BBQ's to be placed on your surface.  This allows for the hardest and most durable cure of the topcoat.  

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