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Concrete Crack Repair

Cracks in your concrete are unsightly for sure, but they can also be causing bigger problems as water fills them up and then freezes. As it freezes it expands and makes the crack even wider or causes additional cracking. 

Polyurea Filler 

  This is a crack filler that can be applied and then ground flush with the existing concrete making a seamless repair.  This works well in cracks that have little or no movement.  In combination with color sealing, unsightly cracks can be filled and then "camouflaged" with color. Crack repair can also be done as a stand-alone service but keep in mind this is maintenance fix not an aesthetic one as crack repair products can amber or discolor over time.  

Concrete Caulk

Caulk is a great repair option for cracks that are on the move.  Caulk allows the concrete to flex between pieces but still fills the open space keeping water out and preventing crack expansion from freeze-thaw.  Concrete Caulk will dry out and need to be replaced over time.

Crack Bridging

 Bridging is used in conjunction with resurfacing and addresses large cracking with flexibility and strength in mind as the product is embedded in our proprietary resurfacing blend.  

Garage Lip Repair

  A garage lip is the portion of your garage floor that extends beyond your garage door and meets up with your driveway slab.  Often this area is forgotten or neglected and with the harsh weather, exposure can deteriorate over time.

We can fix it. 

Polyurea Repair
 Polyurea Repair-1.jpg
Polyurea Repair
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