Concrete Crack Repair

Cracks in your concrete are unsightly for sure, but they can also be causing bigger problems as water fills them up and then freezes. As it freezes it expands and makes the crack even wider or causes additional cracking. We have 3 types of crack repair. Type 1 - We repair most cracks using the best product on the market today, Polyurea. This product is very strong, sticks very well, and even has a little bit of flex so, as the concrete pieces move, it can retain its grip and fill the crack. On plain gray concrete, once sanded, the polyurea turns a gray color and blends in quite well. Type 2- Concrete "Caulk" We use this type of product in cracks that appear to have significant movement. Type 3- Crack Bridging in used strickly with resurfacing and usually in combination with polyurea. Crack bridging involves embedding a fiber mesh product into our resurfacing product to "bridge" the gap and create a strong bond between the crack edges. Here's the catch....cracks exist in concrete because large slabs are sitting on rock and dirt. That rock and dirt, as it gets wet and dry, move. This makes the slab have areas that are not supported perfectly and the slab cracks. You've probably seen those lines that contractors either put in when the slab is poured or cut in shortly after. Those are called 'Control Joints'. What control joints do, is tell the concrete where to crack. It creates a weak line in the slab and so when the concrete cracks, which it will, it cracks down that line. The problem is most contractors don't put nearly enough control joints in their pours. So the concrete eventually cracks in other places, creating its own control joints. It is impossible for us to tell how much these large pieces of concrete are moving in reference to each other in any given slab. For this reason, we cannot warranty crack repair. If your slab has a lot of movement the cracks will need to be filled with a more flexible product and probably refilled annually. We are happy to help you assess your particular situation and tell you our recommended course of action. Give us a call.

Concrete Edge Repair

We often see concrete that has broken or crumbling edges along control joints or on the outside edge of a slab. We can repair these as well. It's usually part of a Resurfacing or Color Sealing process.

Specialty Concrete Repairs

We often say, "We've seen it all". It's usually not long after one of us utters those words that we get a call from someone with a "Unique" situation and when we go check it out we find out we actually "haven't seen it all". However, we have done some interesting and unique repairs over the years. If you have a unique situation please don't hesitate to call. We are happy to help you assess the situation and tell you your options. FYI we do NOT offer concrete lifting services. If you have uneven surfaces we may have a solution, but it won't involve lifting. If you are interested in that there are companies that specialize in it. Google "Concrete Lifting".

before crack reapair bend oregon
after crack repair concrete